Tuesday , September 22 2020

Microsoft begins the mandatory upgrade of Windows 10 from 1809 to 1909

Microsoft has started to forcibly update Windows 10 version 1809 PCs with the latest November 2019 update, also known as 1909, that the company launched less than a month ago.

“We will start the step-by-step process slowly to automatically initiate a feature update for devices that are running the Home and Pro editions of the October 2018 update (Windows 10, version 1809),” Microsoft said in a message December 5 on the Windows 10 1909 page of Windows Share the Health Dashboard. “We are starting this rollout process a few months before the service deadline to allow enough time for a smooth update process.”

Windows 10 1809 was officially “launched” on November 13, 2018. On Home and Pro, the version will be removed from the Microsoft support list on May 12, 2020.

Therefore, Microsoft started its automatic upgrades from 1809 to 1909 more than five months before the former were out of date. This is one month earlier than the previous violent update. The upgrade from 1803 to 1903 that Microsoft launched on July 17, 2019 – four months before the withdrawal from 1803 on November 12.

The announcement was the second time that Microsoft has upgraded since the service model was updated in April. The company then announced that both users with Windows 10 Home and users with unmanaged devices running Windows 10 Pro could use a “download and install now” to decide when to upgrade from one version of the operating system to another. Possibility. Microsoft previously had strict control over this process.

However, Microsoft does not allow users to permanently avoid an upgrade. Citing security, it said it would intervene if the current feature upgrade neared the end of support by forcing an upgrade. It is this intervention that Microsoft has now started on 1809 systems.

It is unclear why Microsoft started the upgrade from 1809 to 1909 a month earlier than the predecessor from 1803 to 1903.

The most obvious reason, though not necessarily true, is that Microsoft has underestimated the time it takes to bring the 1803 amount to next year’s version, and hence the previous forced update by November 12, 1803 an uncertain number of home and pro systems would have temporarily cut off from updates, security, or otherwise. Measurements by the analysis company AdDuplex, for example, estimated the share of 1803 in the Windows 10 total base at the end of October at around 14%, only two weeks before this version should disappear from the support list.

Due to the encrypted rollout of 1809, the earlier than expected start of forced upgrades to 1909 may result in some users deporting the former less than a year after receipt.

The launch of Windows 10 1809 was a disaster. Originally started in early October 2018, distribution ceased almost immediately as reports of lost data increased. Microsoft returned to work in 1809. Although it designated November 12, 2018 as the official debut in 1809, Few had it before mid-January 2019, when the company started installing it automatically on customers’ PCs, so the upgrade was at least three months late.

Those Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro users who were at the top of the 1809 distribution line would most likely get off the shelf in 1909. Microsoft is starting to update rollouts with the systems that it believes are most likely to accept them without balking. These are usually the latest machines.

Users can access and install Windows 10 1909 at any time on their own schedule – they don’t have to wait for Microsoft to do it for them – by following the steps outlined here November 12 post to a Microsoft blog.

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