Tuesday , September 22 2020

Microsoft is ceasing to provide non-monthly non-security updates for Windows

Microsoft plans to stop providing all non-security updates for Windows in May. This is another step towards not subjecting the operating system and other important products to minor changes.

The optional updates that Microsoft calls Windows. C. and D. Updates are released in the third or fourth week of each month.

“We assessed the public health situation and understand that it affects our customers,” Microsoft said on March 24, to some understatement Mail to the Windows 10 Messaging Center. “In response to these challenges, we are focusing on security updates.”

Security updates labeled B. Updates are better known than those released on Patch Tuesday – Microsoft prefers Update Tuesday – or on the second Tuesday of each month. Stopping C and D updates has no impact on the company’s patching efforts. “The monthly security updates will not change, and will continue as planned to ensure business continuity and keep our customers safe and productive,” the message said.

The C and D updates will be used to test non-security fixes that are scheduled to be officially released the following month as part of the comprehensive, cumulative Patch Tuesday update. According to Microsoft, the C and D updates should not be distributed to all Windows client systems. Instead, the D-Update that Microsoft ships two weeks after a Tuesday patch and two weeks before the next should be used to “… test the updates included in the release and provide feedback, reducing the number of updates tests required for Update Tuesday will improve our ability to solve problems before they even occur. ”

Because they’re optional, some customers just skip them.

The last D update was released on Tuesday for Windows 10 1903 and Windows 10 1909.

Windows 10 C updates are relatively rare. For example, in the five months since Microsoft released Windows 10 1909, the version has had three D updates but no C updates.

The closing of C and D updates on Wednesday in May is Microsoft’s latest move to limit update efforts to security fixes or reduce IT overhead during the COVID-19 pandemic of businesses, businesses in general, and business processes Riot. So far, Microsoft has this month Added support for Windows 10 1709 for another six months for customers running Windows 10 Enterprise or Education, and limitation of functionality for the Edge browser.

Microsoft made no statement as to why it was waiting until May to suspend the non-security updates instead of immediately enforcing the policy and blocking potential updates that were released on April 21 (C) and / or April 28 (D ) to be expected.

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