10 Gorgeous Carpet To Upscale Your Floor

10 Gorgeous Carpet To Upscale Your Floor

The carpet in the living room is where it belongs – in the middle of the house. Its appeal goes beyond mere superb aesthetics as it ticks the boxes for enticing softness and has welcome insulating qualities for your living room flooring ideas in these days of high fuel prices.

One of the advantages of living room rugs is the wide range of decorating possibilities it offers, made possible by the variety of colors and textures it comes in, as well as how warm it feels underfoot.

With the many carpet pile options available, you can create a very diverse look and feel, ranging from colors to materials. We have compiled the top picks for your living room design ideas.

#1. Luxurious wool carpet

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Aside from being a natural fiber, wool is preferred for a rug or rug in the living room due to its durability and inherent flexibility, which prevents it from being compacted by furniture and foot traffic. It also has an incomparable feel and is warm and silky.

#2. Choose color wisely

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Even though the vast majority of us continue to choose neutral carpets, small shifts are beginning to catch on. Shades of grey, taupe and stone are replacing the conventional gold and beige tones, and bold colors are used as accents, much like wallpaper.

#3. Add texture to your floor

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There are different types of carpet textures that you can choose from. You can go for Plush Pile if you want to add a little soft and luxurious or textured plush for durability but also comfort. It is up to the design of the room to choose the right carpet texture.

#4. Have fun with patterns

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Geometric patterns are very popular now and have a huge impact on the look and feel of your space. There are many more options you can choose from, such as: B. Stripes, which are now available in multiple color combinations. Floral patterns are also trendy again.

#5. Decide which materials are best

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Consider some of the more surprising fibers if you’re looking for more unique effects and finishes. The use of rayon or a proportion of silk that mimics the appearance of silk at a reasonable price is becoming increasingly popular.

#6. Choose a plant fiber floor covering for a rustic design

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Plant fiber natural floors are now a flexible alternative that goes beyond rustic styles and includes elegant city looks. Although it can be installed in the same way as carpet, it is not the best option for a kitchen or bathroom as it cannot withstand moisture and water. It is recommended to pre-treat the floor covering with a stain repellent.

#7. Bespoke rug

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Whether on a grand scale for a massive living room or for a much smaller project, bespoke living room rugs can add a unique touch to a room. Bespoke rug may seem expensive but there is no waste as it is made to the exact size needed and a border can be designed to suit any room shape.

#8th. Consider the quality of a woven rug

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Many other rug options are available today thanks to modern rug production processes, but for many people a woven rug will always be the sign of a quality, cozy and economical rug.
These production processes result in thick, high-quality woven rugs that survive vacuum cleaning.

#9. Tufted carpet

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The alternative is tufted rugs, which can be either plain or patterned. Tufted rugs are made by needle punching the pile into a backing before gluing it to a second backing with latex to add stability and keep the tufts firmly in place. Although many carpets are now made in this way, the high-quality carpets are not always inferior to the woven carpets.

#10. weaves

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The many rug weaving techniques used by weavers to create rugs of different fibres, colors and textures result in different rug structures which are then finished using different methods. There are approximately 5 main types of rug weaving techniques including hand knotted, hand tufted, chair knotted, flat woven and machine knotted rugs.