Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

Rustic Bathroom Design Ideas

Looking for rustic bathroom design ideas? Whether you’re embarking on a bathroom renovation or planning a new bathroom design, identifying your favorite style will get your project off to a smooth start. Whether your style is traditional rustic, farmhouse, southwestern, western, or modern rustic – read on to discover the key elements of each style.

In this post you will find design tips on the following topics:

Rustic bathroom design elements including rustic bathroom walls, rustic bathroom colors, freestanding statement bathtubs, stone fireplaces as focal points, and tips for layering texture and lighting.

How do you make a bathroom rustic?
Rustic bathrooms capitalize on the beauty of nature through the use of cozy textiles, natural materials and organic accents. It’s the perfect place to incorporate natural stone floors, roughly hewn beams, wooden furniture, earthy color palettes and patinated materials (copper, natural wood and stone).

The rustic style is typically inspired by the past, but today’s interpretation tends towards the contemporary. Some of the elements that can be incorporated into a rustic bathroom are:

– Open wooden shelves

– Antique cupboards

– Window decorations made from natural materials

– Rustic lights

– Barn style doors

– Rustic ceramics

– Layers of rustic textures (rugs, wall art, woven baskets)

– Natural wood panels on the walls

– A color scheme inspired by nature

– Weathered metals and organic shapes

– Country style sink

Design elements of a rustic bathroom
Rustic bathroom walls
Wooden walls are often used in rustic bathrooms to warm up the cool stone tones and create a connection to nature. Wood can be used for beams, vanity tops, accessories and flooring, as well as feature walls.

Natural stone is also a great option for rustic wall cladding as it adds texture and color. Fieldstone, soapstone, cobblestone tile and slate are perfect choices as they are rich and earthy.

If walls are to be painted, opt for the warm tones of nature. These soothing, muted hues add a welcoming vibe to any space. From chocolate tones to warm greys, greens and browns, these tones evoke warmth, comfort and rustic elegance.